Juice and Carbonated Drinking Filling line

Juice and Carbonated Drinking Filling line

We are BD Water Treatment Plant is engaged in the business of water purification. We provide totally complete package of specially designed equipment, process technologies and accompanying scientific product & technologies. our Company is the Bangladesh’s most effective total water solutions provider, offering total and integrated water management solutions to various customer segments – household, commercial, industrial, Pharmaceutical Hospital and community base.

Water may be treated in many ways in different communities depending on the quality of the water which enters the plant. Groundwater is water located underground and generally requires less treatment than water from lakes, rivers, and streams. These lakes, rivers and streams water we treated by processing with some plants. This is called Water Treatment plant.

Underground water (Tube well water) is really pure from another but we test that water and found out sometimes bacteria’s which is not good for health. By using this treatment plant we can remove bacteria’s easily.

Juice and Carbonated Drinking Filling line

This series filling-capper is a versatile liquid packing machine that combines bottle, filler and capper together in one unit. This machine is ideally suited for packing of both carbonated drinks and non-carbonated drinks such as juice and water.

We offer

We offer extremely reliable, efficient and simplified range of Customized Juice and Carbonated Drinking Filling line. Being user friendly and aesthetically excellent, these Juice and Carbonated Drinking Filling line have become one of the coveted choices available in the market.

We are able to design in capacities ranging client’s requirements and ever more to suffice to the discerning needs. These are available in ‘Economy’ and ‘Premium’ versions.

“Customer satisfaction is our motto”, although profitability is a goal as commercial point of view. We always keep in mind the commitment, customer service & quality.

N.B. We are capable to set up any capacity ranged Juice and Carbonated Drinking Filling line as customer requirements.

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