Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier KG100HC

৳ 29,000.00

  • Voltage: 220V/50Hz
  • Power: 35-38W
  • Kangaroo’s RO membrane 100GDP made in Korea
  • Numbers of filtering stages: 10 stages
  • Filtering rate: 18-20 liter/hour
  • Dimensions: 420x420x970 (mm)
  • Warranty on all electrical part up to 12 months
  • An advanced 10-stage purifying system producing active hydrogen alkaline water, a technology patented and introduced for the first time in Vietnam by Kangaroo
  • First ever water purifier in Vietnam to use magnet technology to produce hydrogen water with small water compounds
  • Water-saving RO Vortex Purifier Technology made in Korea
  • Kangaroo-Hydrogen-Water-Purifier-KG100HC-8
Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier KG100HC

৳ 29,000.00

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Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier: active hydrogen alkaline water producing technology applied and patented in Vietnam for the first time by Kangaroo. A break-through in water treatment technology in Vietnam as a solution for healthy water in all of Southeast Asia.

Innovative and Pioneering

The perfect blend of the Western design philosophy and the Eastern feng shui belief has created an innovative masterpiece, a striking feature for the curated interior space.

Symbolizing the existence, endless growth and movement of energy and life, the cylinder model goes against the rigid edged design often seen in the home, creating a space filled with creative energy.Kangaroo-Hydrogen-Water-Purifier-KG100HC-6

Combination of the finest things

For the first time in Vietnam, magnet technology is used in water filtration to produce hydrogen water with small water compounds. Advanced mould technology requires strict regulations and up-to-date manufacturing capabilities.

Healthy tap water: The hydrogen-enriched alkaline water with an optimal pH and ORP level speeds up the mineral absorption process and effectively hydrates the body. The hydrogen in water also helps to neutralize oxidants and radicals.

Food wash: alkaline water also helps to remove excess organic matter on the surface area of food more effectively compared to regular tap water.

Skincare: Hydrogen-rich water can be useful in skin care due to the skin’s quick absorption of hydrogen, which can also slow down the aging process.

(according to Cure the Incurable)


Magnetic Hydrogen Technology: Hydrogen water passes through a stage of permanent magnet’ magnetic wave treatment, creating smaller water molecules capable of speeding up the absorption of nutrients and minerals, and assisting with quick and effective detoxification.


New Generation Water Purifier Kangaroo Hydrogen KG100HC with advanced 10-stage purifying system


Cartridge Materials Functions Replacement time Filtering Power
1. 10″ PP-5micron Polypropylene Filters out sediments larger than 5 micron (mud, sand…). Protect RO filter from sediments that can cause blockage 3-6 months 10,000 liters
2. G.A.C Activated carbon, chloride removal absorbent Removes chlorine, excess organic matter and odor in water. Protect the RO filter from damage caused by oxidants 6-9 months 10,000 liters
3. 10″ PP-1micron Polypropylene Filters out sediments larger than 1 micron (mud, sand…). Protect RO filter from sediments that can cause blockage 6-9 months 10,000 liters
4. RO Vortex membrane Kangaroo 

Made in Korea

RO Membrane Removes impurities, heavy metals, organic pollutants, harmful bacteria, amoeba… for a purified water source 24-36 months 20,000 liters
5. FIR Hydrogen Bioceramic Water is split into smaller molecules for easy absorption 24 months 20,000 liters
6. OrpH Hydrogen ORP ORP is an antioxidant activity,, ORP balls help the ORP level of water balance out the human body’s pH level, providing necessary minerals for the body and eliminating oxidizing agents 12 months 10,000 liters
7. HypH+ Alkaline ceramic balls
    • Producing alkaline water
  • Splitting water into smaller molecules for easy absorption
  • Antioxidizing, neutralizing excess acid
12 months 10,000 liters
8. Mineral Hydrogen Natural mineral granules
  • providing necessary minerals for the body
  • Adjusting pH level to 6.5-8.5
  • Enhance taste
12 months 10,000 liters
9. 5 in 1 Omega-SX 5 types of mineral rocks
  • Special mineral cartridge, adding negative ions to water
  • Splitting water molecules
  • Balancing pH level
  • Producing alkaline water
12 months 10,000 liters
10. Nano carbon Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC)
  • pH balancing
  • Stabilizing the naturally fresh taste of water
  •  Deodorize
12 months 10,000 liters


Convenient: Simple, easy and quick assembling process, with only 3 steps: 

  1. Connect to a waste pipe
  2. Connect to the water supply line
  3. Install the dispenser and plug the device in

Other parts are readily assembled. Customer can quickly and easily install product within a short time

Easy to replace: Product use quick couplings, convenient for assembly, replacement, repairation, limiting leakage
Safe: Product has a new pressure vessel with an integrated pressure relief valve which is connected to the waste pipe, protecting product from problems concerning increased water pressure

RO Vortex technology was researched and patented by Korea Kangaroo Application Research Center.

Creates rotating flows to reduce sedimentation on the membrane surface, increase the saving time by 4 times, increases efficiency by 75%, increase the life expectancy of the filtering membrane and other components compared to other purifier

Regular RO filtration:

Limitations: vertical water flow, short saving time, large amount of waste water, low filtering efficiency, requires more energy and water volume

RO Vortex Kangaroo: 

Advantages: larger water flow along the cartridge, maximizing efficiency

Increases life expectancy and reduces waste water: the Vortex mechanism limits sedimentation, maximizes purified water, increases membrane life expectancy